Snorkeling with Penguins?

Wouldnt you just love to jump in the water with these adorable little creatures? Look how cute the penguins are!! But did you notice something different… have you ever seen an all black penguin?

Andrew Evans, who is traveling by bus from Washington D.C. to Antartica, came across the Rare Black Penguins on the island of South Georgia. The black penguins were confirmed with Dr. Allan Baker an Ornithologist and Professor of Environmental and Evolutionary Studies at the University of Toronto and head of the Department of Natural History at the Royal Ontario Museum, believes that the penguin has lost control of its pigmentation patterns and assumes that it is some kind of mutation. To read more on this beautiful creature, go to National Geographics. Or to view the genetic defect bird, watch the National Geographic video.

Want to know more on the black penguins? Here is a site from Noah Strycker who spent a season in 2008 in Cape Crozier, Antarctica. His interview with the Washington Post tells of his journey. Below is a picture he took and pictures of his work.

To learn more about penguins, go to Penguin Science.