Snorkeling Packages: Which Is the Best Snorkel Gear?

We, at get asked daily, what is the best snorkel package to purchase and we explain that everyones snorkeling needs are different, so it depends. But what are the most popular snorkel packages that we sell, well that is easy. It is between the U.S. Divers St Tropez Mask, Trek Fins, Seabreeze Snorkel & Bag, the U.S. Divers Sideview Mask, Paradise Dry Snorkel, Trek Travel Fins & Mesh Bag OR the U.S. Divers Admiral LX Mask, Paradise Dry Snorkel, Blast II Fins & Bag Snorkel Package. One package has a semi-dry snorkel and the other two have the total dry snorkel and all three have masks and the snorkeling bags are either made of nylon, denier or mesh. But the major difference is the fins and offered in each snorkel package is the Trek Travel Fins or the Blast II Fins. The best explanation is the manufacturer representation telling you the features and benefits of both.


  1. I love snorkeling and scuba diving very much. Me and my husband make sure that we travel just to do what we love the most. Thanks for the post. Nice blog.