how fins are made

How Are Fins Made

I am one of those people that finds enjoyment in researching things. I am fascinated with how something that starts out as an idea ends up becoming a tangible and lasting reality. My research usually leads me to some interesting and little known facts that may or may not be known. I did some research on the origin of fins and ended up writing an article on it which can be found here. The … [Read More...]

Great Example of Snorkeling Fin Kicks

Using your fins correctly is a big part of snorkeling. Roy is showing Mel the difference between fin kicks that are ineffective versus those that truly are effective. Notice the difference in the distance covered with both styles as is shown in this video. Bad fin kicking style only serves to tire you out faster which greatly shortens your snorkeling adventure time. This video (below) … [Read More...]

sttropez pkg

High Quality Snorkel Set at a Great Price

This set of U.S. Divers snorkel gear is small in price but big on quality. hand picked each piece and had U.S. Divers manufacturer this for you, the snorkeler. We have combined top quality equipment including the St. Tropez Mask featuring a silicone skirt with 1 window and a low volume design that has tempered glass lens for safety. The complimenting U.S. Divers … [Read More...]

snorkel vest swatch

Large Selection of Printed Snorkeling Vests

Snorkeling is a beautiful sport with many beautiful things to see. So why are most snorkeling vests boring? We answer the call with the beautiful designs of snorkeling vests that we offer. The Hawaiian Floral design features a exquisite flower pattern that looks fantastic. The Post Card pattern is reminiscent of the post WWII era. You will not find two Tie Dye patterns (picture on … [Read More...]

neo mask

My Review on the Oceanic Neo Mask

Working at is pretty doggone cool because we don't just sell the snorkeling equipment, we also get a chance to try it out. Knowing about what we sell is of the utmost importance to us because we have to have faith in the products. I had the opportunity to use the and was very pleased with it for a number of very good reasons. The first being the fit. Having a sort … [Read More...]

Seasickness or Feeding Fish the Hard Way

I have friends who are avid snorkelers and more than few of them I would consider to be die-hards, meaning that if the word 'snorkeling' came up during a conversation, their eyes would light up and they would begin drooling like Pavlov's dogs. Their immediate response would be "when? and where?". We all prefer to snorkel from a boat because we know that it is the easiest way to get us to … [Read More...]


Why Have a Snorkeling Buddy

If you are familiar with our articles, videos and blog, you have noticed that we have mentioned the snorkeling buddy in numerous topics. A buddy is a snorkeling partner, someone who helps you with your gear whether you need help putting it on or taking it off. That crotch strap on your snorkel vest or standing while putting on your fins on, can be a challenge. A buddy is someone that you … [Read More...]


Oceanic Blast Snorkel On Sale

Are you looking for a basic snorkel, something with quality but inexpensive? We have the Oceanic Blast Snorkel that is a no-frill snorkel that is made of black silicone except for the gray top and snorkel keeper which is made of hard plastic. Watch our video below and listen to Roy as he explains to you the features and benefits of this inexpensive snorkel, on sale this month for only … [Read More...]